Metal has a longer lifespan

It will last 3 times, if not longer then asphalt shingles.  Metal is not 

compromised by the heat and cold and has less seams to be compromised by rain, snow, and ice.

Metal is lighter

​Metal is between 70-80 lbs. per square.  Shingles weigh anywhere between 180 - 240 lbs. per square.  With it being so light weight, it can be installed over many existing roof surfaces.


With over 20 colors choices and many different panels profiles to choose from, you can completely change how your house or building looks.

Why is Metal better?

We have metal for all of your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial needs.

  • Panels cut to your length
  • Standard and Custom Trims
  • All the Accessories you will need to complete your projects

Jobs Done with Our Metal

Reliable Metal for Every Project

Metal Roofing, Trims and Accessories, Call today for up to date pricing.